The ACGL is housed within the University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Geosciences and offers a variety of engaging educational programs. This includes undergraduate and graduate courses at UAF, community education and citizen-scientist training, and an active undergraduate research internship program.   We also mentor graduate students through training and direct experience in research tasks that build the skills and critical thinking necessary for professional or academic careers.

Graduate student Rich Buzard conducts a real-time kinematic GPS survey in Goodnews Bay, Alaska
Students in GEOG 339 – Change Detection in Arctic Systems collect ground penetrating radar data on a frozen lake in Interior Alaska
Coastal community residents learn about coastal processes during a weekend workshop in Dillingham, Alaska
Students learn about sediment stratigraphy in the ACGL
Coastal processes and hazards focused lesson plans and other educational materials are being developed and implemented in K-12 classrooms
Outdoor field trips such as this one to Homer, Alaska build comradery and allow for the integration of course concepts with hands-on experiences