Grain-Size Analysis

We offer a particle size analysis service for marine sediments and other similar materials. We will provide you with an excel file containing statistics of the sample including the Dx10, Dx50 (median) and Dx90 particle sizes.

We are able to process, analyze, and interpret sediment cores to determine paleo-proxies and build millennial-scale records of coastal environmental change. We use our muffle furnace to determine the Loss On Ignition (LOI) of soil organic carbon representing the percentage of organics in the soil sample.

Beckman Coultier LS 13 320 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer
Sediment Analysis Full Services
Charge/Sample (1 cm)
Particle Size no pre-treatment
Particle Size with all pre-treatment
Percent Organic content (LOI)
Percent Organic & Coarse Fraction (>63um)
Percent Organic & Coarse Fraction(>32um & >63um)