UAF Courses

Current undergraduate and graduate courses:


GEOG 111x UX, Elements of Physical Geography w/Lab – This ONLINE course focuses on the processes that shape the Earth’s physical environment, especially in relation to Alaska. Climate change will serve as the capstone topic, which integrates course concepts with current challenges facing society. Labs will build research and geospatial skill sets through field and computer-based activities. Special Fees Apply: $250











GEOG/GEOS 339, Change Detection in Arctic Systems – This course focuses on methods for measuring landscape change within Arctic Systems as well as the geomorphology of glacial landforms.  A semester long research project, field and lab based activities, and a field trip will provide opportunities to learn about and experience the application of a variety of technologies. Special Feed Apply











GEOG/GEOS 483, Research Design, Writing, and Presentation Methods – This course is designed as a capstone research and professional development course. Students will focus on designing an individual research proposal or professional application. This course will provide real world active learning assignments that prepares students for graduate and professional careers. The course is writing (W) and oral (O) intensive and will focus on scientific writing, and the oral, written, and graphical presentation of research plans and methods.











GEOS/GEOG 460/660, The Dynamic Alaskan Coastline — The course will develop a framework for understanding Alaska’s diverse coastlines, including the environmental factors that make them geographically unique and the geomorphic processes that drive their evolution to create the landforms observed today.   A special emphasis will be placed on understanding the impacts of climate change on circumpolar coastlines.   Hands-on training through field and lab activities will give students an opportunity to learn coastal research techniques.   A 4-day field trip to Homer serves as an active learning opportunity to integrate course knowledge with hands on field activities.   Special Fees Apply: A $800 fee is applied to cover field trip and course expenses.









GEOS 488/697, Undergrad/Grad Research – Integrate aspects of physical geography with the human dimension via the study of the assessment and prediction of natural hazards. Guest speakers, case studies, and applied practical exercises will help students transition from content-based courses to applying their knowledge in “real-world” situations, using geographic tools in remote sensing and GIS.