Community Outreach

The lack of coastal science education within rural communities magnifies the scarcity of information about coastal processes and hazards. Coastal science literacy improves a community’s ability to effectively plan and respond to storm hazards, which ultimately leads to the engagement of local residents in decision-making processes.   The goal of the community outreach is to engage local residents with research, support informed decision-making, and actively train the next generation of geoscientists. The ACGL works to achieve this goal by conducting a variety of education workshops and programs within K-12 schools, regional workshops, and community workshops.

Coastal community residents learn about coastal processes during a weekend workshop in Dillingham, Alaska.

Alaskan local residents and visiting scientists learn from one another about historical coastal changes and current hazard risks at a community workshop in Port Heiden, Alaska.

High School students in Pilot Point, Alaska learn about GPS technologies.