Internship Program

The ACGL undergraduate internship program offers students with a variety of exciting research opportunities and the ability to gain important workforce development skills. Student interns work as a team to learn how to use laboratory equipment and participate in a variety of research projects. Interns have the opportunity to learn software programs for processing and visualizing geospatial data, to carry out sediment core analysis, and to work collaboratively to advance the understanding of Alaska’s coastlines.

The undergraduate internship program is the backbone of numerous research and education projects and provides an active learning experience that is a critical component to fostering undergraduate research and promoting professional development. Each year, 2-3 interns are recruited at UAF and trained to work within the ACGL. Interns are mentored and trained by Dr. Maio, staff, and graduate students in the collection, processing, and interpretation of project datasets.

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Interns are mentored through cutting edge research projects such as creating structure-from-motion digital surface models from data collected with a drone

Intern samples organic material for radiocarbon dating

An intern places crucibles in the muffle furnace to burn off the organic matter at a temperature of 550 degrees Celsius.

Sometimes being an intern also means being a Sherpa carrying gear to remote field sites